We have the following client memoranda available at this time. PLEASE NOTE: These memos are general information, not legal advice.  Please consult us or another lawyer for advice on any specific issue or case.
1. Child Support Regime 22. Stationer's Wills - A Recipe for Estate Litigation
2. What is 'Quality' in Legal Service? 23. Issues Under the Child Support Guidelines
3. New Simplified Procedure 24. Construction Liens: A Summary of the Procedure
4. Are Lawyers 'Deal-Killers?" 25. Construction Liens: Some Issues
5. There's Been a Death in the Family: What Do I Do? 26. Steps and Costs in a Simple Construction Lien Matter
6. Your Small Claims Court Matter 27. Property Division on Marriage Breakdown
7. What is a Family Law Act Election? 28. The Difficult Client?
8. Examination for Discovery 29. Affidavits, Statutory Declarations, & Notarized Documents
9. Offers to Settle 30. Some Typical Affidavits & Statutory Declarations
10. Your Will 31. Closing Matters - Residential House Purchase
11. Your Power of Attorney 32. Closing Matters - Residential House Sale
12. What is Creativity for Lawyers: - E.R. Fleury 33. Closing Matters - Condominium Purchase
13. Are Lawyers Less Ethical Than Other People? 34. Duties of Estate Trustee
14. Joint Ownership: Is It Good Estate Planning? 35. Can You - Will You - Be An Organ Donor?
15. A Second Marriage: Some Things to Consider 36. Common Issues in Estate Litigation
16. How Much Does It Cost For a Simple Divorce? 37. Financial Productions in Matrimonial Cases
17.  Estate Accounting 38. The Ontario Estate Information Return
18. Anatomy of a Personal Injury Case 39. Your Affidavit of Documents
19. Should I Incorporate My Business? 40. Closing Matters - Condominium Sale
 20.  Deal in Danger: The House Sale Off The Rails 41. Estate Administration: Lawyer Duty or  Trustee Duty?
21. Is Reconciliation Possible in Your Case?

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